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Mom’s Public Lusting

We are back with another hottie that’s ready to get roughly hammered. For today’s update we brought this smoking hot blonde that ready to get her holes pounded one by one. She just hired at this new place and she had some problems with her new boss. He kept on complaining about our sexy mom and one day she just couldn’t take it anymore and stayed after hours to talk with him. So after everyone left, she went to his office and things went a whole different way that she expected. They went to this new place for a drink and before you know it they continued their talk in a hotel room. Well after they got there wasn’t too much talking and they ended up fucking. She really doesn’t know how things ended up this way but by the end of the night she got his hard dick in her holes. If you liked this scene you must visit for more updates. This was all for today, but make sure you check out the entire gallery. Enjoy this slutty blonde in this insane scene!


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